As you get older, losing your hair is one of the biggest things that can affect your confidence. You may feel as you lose your full head of lustrous hair your ability to succeed is leaving along with it.

While that’s not the case at all, at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics in Delray Beach, Florida, we understand your desire to regain your youthful appearance — and your confidence — by regrowing your hair. While there are thousands of products and claims out there, our experience has been that one simple procedure works the best in this situation: a hair transplant.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is exactly what it sounds like, relocating human hair from one part of the body to another. When the goal of the transplant is to cure your baldness, the hair to be transplanted usually comes from the back or sides of your head and is then moved to the balding area.

The number and type of grafts you receive depends on the size of the area you’re working on, along with the type, color, and quality of your hair. Your scalp will likely be very tender after this procedure, and you may need to take pain medication. Most people miss work for 2-5 days after the procedure.

This is the most effective way to restore volume to areas of your head that have experienced hair loss. As you grow older, your hair may be losing its pigment (turning gray), becoming more brittle and thinner, growing more slowly, and falling out.

How does it work?

When hair transplants first began in the 1950s, they left an unnatural look of hair plugs. Techniques today are much more advanced. Dr. Paymon Zarreii will transplant much smaller sections, with just one or two hairs per individual graft. This allows you to maintain a more natural hair growth pattern.

After about a month, your transplanted hair will fall out but don’t worry, this is normal and it will be followed by brand new hair growth. You’ll see the best results in about 8-12 months after the procedure.

Right for you?

You may be a good candidate for a hair transplant if you have tried prescription medications and other treatments and if you have ruled out any underlying health issues as the cause of your hair loss. You should also have realistic expectations; a transplant won’t change your appearance overnight, but it can be a great long-term option.

If you are ready to discuss a hair transplant procedure, book an appointment with Dr. Zarreii by contacting our office today. The rest of your life is waiting — let’s get your confidence back!

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