A shocking number of people live with ongoing pain. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that over 20% of American adults live with chronic pain, and one in 12 Americans has debilitating chronic pain.

With such a high number of people suffering, Dr. Peymon Zarreii and our team want to help. That’s why we offer a variety of chronic pain treatment options here at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics in Delray Beach, Florida.

If you’re living with chronic pain from any cause, including an unknown one, we’re here to help you explore your options and find what works.

To get started, let’s look at some of the most effective chronic pain treatment options available today:


With injections, Dr. Zarreii can deliver medication or healing-triggering solutions right where your body needs it most.

We offer corticosteroid and anesthetic injections to stop pain at its source, for example. But we don’t stop there because, ultimately, we don’t want to just mask your pain — we want to treat it.

To that end, we also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. With this treatment, Dr. Zarreii uses a small sample of your blood. He isolates the platelets to create a solution with a high concentration of growth factors, which trigger and support healing in your body. PRP can address a broad variety of chronic pain causes, from arthritis to injuries and recovery after surgery.

Physical therapy

Sometimes, strengthening certain parts of your body can alleviate strain on others, significantly reducing your pain. If physical therapy is right for you, Dr. Zarreii and our team offer it right here at our office for your comfort and convenience.

Lifestyle and diet modifications

A surprising number of chronic pain cases respond to changes you can make at home. The trouble is identifying those changes — and getting the support you need to implement them long-term.

That’s where we come in. With our support and guidance, you can understand and make the modifications that will set you up for a life with less pain.


In some cases, medication gives you the best, most direct path to pain relief. If other treatment options haven’t worked for you, Dr. Zarreii may recommend medication like an antiinflammatory or a muscle relaxant. He always talks with you about what to expect with the medication and any potential side effects.

All told, Dr. Zarreii and our team are committed to working with you to find treatment that helps to alleviate your chronic pain. If you’re ready for a life with less discomfort, contact our team at Zarreii Medical and Aesthetics by either calling us or booking your appointment online.

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